Publication Party Fri. May 20, 2016

You are invited to join us as we celebrate the first publication from the Stanza 153 Press @ San Francisco State University. A Specimen Book of Type Faces from the printing shop of the Design and Industry Department was handset and printed on a Challenge 15MP Proof Press by the students of DAI 226 Modern Letterpress Printing, Spring 2016, Pino Trogu, instructor. Come and meet the compositors and printers for an afternoon of letterforms, words, and conversation:

Andy An
Corey Blevins
Garrett Frisbey
Carlos Garcia
Francheska Machado
Travis Mackin
Nella Ocampo
Natalie Reclosado
Sinclair Riley
Jessica Rosario
Shea Sjoberg
Audrey Walker
Kimberly Wong
Lawrence Wong