H – Haiku booklet – Stanza 153 Press

Haiku booklet – Idea and coordination by Sinclair Riley, teaching assistant

Eighteen haikus by the students of DAI Modern Letterpress Printing, Pino Trogu, instructor. Fifty numbered copies handset and printed on Moorim Pacesetter Silk paper. Stanza 153 Press, San Francisco State University, October 2016.

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H – Haiku booklet

DAI 226 Modern Letterpress Printing
Trogu / SFSU / Fall 2016

H (cover)


Table of Contents

1 BODY – Nicolas Noratto
2 MEMES – Alan Liu
3 Crap Advice – Jimmy Ritson
4 SAIL – Denise Madayag
5 Calculation – Lingling Ma
6 Westinghouse – Pino Trogu
7 Grey – Erin Stillwell
8 TOO MUCH – Eddy Bach
9 YOU – Yuko Kuranuki
10 body – De Hao Wang
11 Teclear – Genaro Morales Lopez
12 Enigma of Life – Che-Niya Minor
13 Don’t Cry – Barbara Gomez
14 Morning – Sinclair Riley
15 talk. – Melissa Gonzalez
16 Love – DanielleRose Tia
17 YUM – Ashley Pae
18 Can’t Wait – Christian Gomez



dependent body
why is health subjective now?
retrograde body

1 – Nicolas Noratto



I have lost my mind
All I can do now is meme
O sh!t it dat boi

2 – Alan Liu


Crap Advice

Force yourself to rush;
Find clarity in your gut,
Excess thought blurs truth.

3 – Jimmy Ritson



Somewhere beyond the
sea, lies the key to endless

4 – Denise Madayag



I count my fingers
not only for math homework
but for this haiku

5 – Lingling Ma



Empty pockets else
Crazy noise is the result
When coins drop in drum

6 – Pino Trogu



stormy morning sky
rain drops wake up sleeping trees
tastes like hot black tea

7 – Erin Stillwell



So damn serious
I do not understand why
I’m just here for fun

8 – Eddy Bach



Like how light does
your sincere smile dispels darkness
in my heart

9 – Yuko Kuranuki



they are parts of me
it is full of energy
i use it all day

10 – De Hao Wang



Throw on an apron
Put some paint on the rollers
Dance with the printer

11 – Genaro Morales Lopez


Enigma of Life

Floating on a cloud
Dreaming about the future
Who will I be then

12 – Che-Niya Minor


Don’t Cry

Sniff sniff, get away
I love you, I love you too!
but I don’t need you.

13 – Barbara Gomez



Still air in still room.
Lights stays stagnant an hour but
still, I can’t get up.

14 – Sinclair Riley



Spooning is our talk
bodies curled atmospheres
with no words between

15 – Melissa Gonzalez



Please be gentle with me
My mind holds secrets to keep
My heart aches for love

16 – DanielleRose Tia



eggs, bacon, pancakes
cheeseburger, french fries, soda
spaghetti, meatballs

17 – Ashley Pae


Can’t Wait

your gentle kisses
and other feral blisses
haunt my memory

18 – Christian Gomez


San Francisco State University
Festina Lente

October 2016
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