Stanza 153 type specimen book (slide show, images and PDF)

A Specimen Book of Type Faces from Stanza 153 Press is our first publication. It was hand produced by the students of the DAI 226 Modern Letterpress Printing class, Spring 2016, San Francisco State University, Pino Trogu, instructor. Below is a slide show of the pages from the book. To see all pages as individual image, visit the specimen book flickr album. You can also download the specimen book PDF high-res version (18MB) or smaller size PDF file (5.5MB). The colophon from the book is included below after the slide show.

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A Specimen Book of Type Faces from Stanza 153 Press


This book was handset & printed on a Challenge Proof Press by the students of DAI 226 Modern Letterpress Printing, San Francisco State University, Spring 2016. Pino Trogu, from the Design Department, was the instructor.

Each student composed & printed a page with a favorite quote & one with a personal design, using a variety of large-size wooden letters & other printing elements. The students also composed & printed the additional pages. A Specimen Book of Type Faces from Stanza 153 Press is our first publication. Sixty numbered copies were assembled & wire-o bound in Room 153, Fine Arts Building, in May 2016.

Special thanks to Nathan Atkinson, Tom Bier, Kurt Daw, Meredith Eliassen, Les Ferriss, Walter & Norman Hicks, Lizzy Hirsch, Eric Holub, Michael Karner, Friday lunch group, Fritz Klinke, Peter Koch, Diana Kohnke, LCA & DAI at SFSU, Nancy Noble, The Greenwood Press, & Mattie Taormina.

Numbered pages, arranged in alphabetical order by last name, include quotes selected and hand-set by each student. Beginning of each quote is given below:

I want — Andy An  p.1
Parse — Corey Blevins  p.2
Because — Garrett Frisbey  p.3
Goodbye — Carlos Garcia  p.4
When — Francheska Machado  p.5
Kites — Travis Mackin  p.6
Though — Nella Ocampo  p.7
Feet — Natalie Reclosado  p.8
The way — Sinclair Riley  p.9
Fashion — Jessica Rosario  p.10
The function — Shea Sjoberg  p.11
The ratchet — Pino Trogu  p.12
To live— Audrey Walker  p.13

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