Type Faces from Stanza 153 Press – Vol. 2 – Fall 2016

In Fall 2016, we once again printed a specimen book that included quotes selected by the students. Below is a slide show of the pages from the book. To see all pages as individual images, visit the specimen book flickr album here. You can also download the specimen book PDF here (8MB).

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Type Faces from Stanza 153 Press – Vol. 2 – Fall 2016


Type Faces from Stanza 153 Press, Vol. 2. Handset and printed on a Challenge 15MP Proof Press by the students of DAI 226 Modern Letterpress Printing, San Francisco State University. Fall 2016, Pino Trogu, instructor. Forty numbered copies printed on Moorim Pacesetter Silk paper.

Special thanks to Meredith Eliassen and Mario Laplante.

Selections by:
Eddy Bach – i
Barbara Gomez – ii
Christian Gomez – iii
Melissa Gonzalez – iv
Yuko Kuranuki – v
Alan Liu – vi
Lingling Ma – vii
Denise Madayag – viii
Che-Niya Minor – ix
Genaro Morales Lopez – x
Nicolas Noratto – xi
Ashley Pae – pxii
Sinclair Riley – xiii
Jimmy Ritson – xiv
Erin Stillwell – xv
DanielleRose Tia – xvi
Pino Trogu – xvii
De Hao Wang – xviii